Motivational quotes


Value what you have first.

Explanation :

In life many things are Good and as many equally bad. And every human being who are mentally stable can understand this. One should always utilise their (never coming back)  time to make the Worst one to Good.  Rather than making extra effort to change Good one to the Worst. 

It’s understandable that every human being  wants to change their worst time to good one.  We all do and wish that,  even I do.  But some people are never satisfied and with unwanted extra desire they make an effort, of making Good time to super Best….  But they hardly realise that they are losing even the Good they have. 

Quotes for Parents


Right person to Trust.


Trust is one thing which can move mountains if it’s pure and honest. And that purity / honesty has one fixed address which belongs to YOU (Mom Dad). 

The trust which I have on you, that if I ever stumble, your Hands will never let me fall. And so with this Trust which brings in confidence, I can walk on any Road of Life with my eyes close.