Love quotes

Bed of Roses… 

Life… The bed of Roses.

If life is Bed of Roses, as beautiful, as fragile, filled with fragrance of love, decorated with best design of leafs, petals as soft dipped in mesmerising color, BUT…   standing with sharp thrones.

Than in your bed of roses, I will place you on it’s soft mesmerising petals where you will find comfort , let you enjoy  it’s pleasant fragrance which will take you to world of love,  and decorate it with laugh which will open wide till your last jaw line and always keep you happy. But will never let you stand between the thrones which will ever make you cry in pain or sorrow.

If your life ever says: “as natural as The rose, has thrones, you can’t avoid your thrones either” Than…….. I will sleep on it! But will never let it be on your bed of Roses. ❤❤

Quotes for Parents

Rich of The Richest…

The real wealth.

Not only you,  not only me… But we all run after the material wealth or the wealth which fills in bank accounts. Thinking it will keep us happy and secured all our life.  

True…. At some level it’s true,  am not denying. But….  It’s secondary! The main, real and primary wealth a man can ever have/ earn is the love and blessing of the  true and un-greedy persons : “PARENTS”

They are the person who donated such precious thing called LIFE to us.  Not only that, they polished it in all extreme level they could. They inserted best of the best things in our life. They taught us without fees since ages, severed us without any salary, loved us with no limits and cared too well that they forgot themselves.

And know what the beautiful part of them is?  – That no matter what age or phase of life they are,  they will always get ready to support us on their one leg, they will any time get us the most precious thing called “happiness” for us, they will just love us with no boundaries.

But it’s up-to us… If we understand their Worth, we can claim to be the richest.  If not, run after fake things and die poor. 

If you still want to earn it than pay the expensive thing called love and little time to your parents because that’s all they want and wish for.

 And than…  Be RICH OF THE RICHEST 😊

Motivational quotes


Value what you have first.

In life many things are Good and as many equally bad. And every human being who are mentally stable can understand this. One should always utilise their (never coming back)  time to make the Worst one to Good.  Rather than making extra effort to change Good one to the Worst. 

It’s understandable that every human being  wants to change their worst time to good one.  We all do and wish that,  even I do.  But some people are never satisfied and with unwanted extra desire they make an effort, of making Good time to super Best….  But they hardly realise that they are losing even the Good they have. 

Quotes for Parents


Right person to Trust.

Trust is one thing which can move mountains if it’s pure and honest. And that purity / honesty has one fixed address which belongs to YOU (Mom Dad). 

The trust which I have on you, that if I ever stumble, your Hands will never let me fall. And so with this Trust which brings in confidence, I can walk on any Road of Life with my eyes close.