He understands… 

Just have Faith on him.

In pain we feel like no one is around and no one really cares.  But he whom we can’t see with open eyes is away for not a second from us. He is so near that only he can hear the silent cry of our heart and as a father; he leaves no prayer of his child unheard. 

Things which we may die while explaining to a man; he understands even before we open our mouth. For he created us, he is aware of every feature in us. He loves us, and can never see us in pain. 

Just have faith and cry out your heart in front of him. Rest leave up to him,  he knows better ways to make you sing (make you happy) 🙏



Learn to be Human first…

Here I refer “Fall” as ‘Loss’ and “Tall” as ‘Growth.’

It is clearly understandable what I mean to say.  Dividing has done no good to any one. Knowing that we all hide under one sky and sleep on one earth,  belong to one origin, and all made up of same thing….we still tend to deny the truth for an unknown virus that’s in some narrow mind. I don’t remember God coming down and classifying us as ‘this or that ‘ religion other than the fact he taught to be human. 

Different practice of different region got name of different religion, that now one human stands thirsty for the blood of another human. It often makes me shed tears when I think how we turn out to kill one another just for the sake of something called ‘Religion.’ 

Of course I do believe in God and respect all different name that man has gave. But never want or wish to get divided.  I just want to ask, What harm is there to Add rather and accept the practice which can be little different but has got same amount of faith???  

I wish man could learn to be Human before boasting about Religion.

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