Cut the Crap..

I once read a line somewhere which said “No better Friend, No worst Enemy”

And people in this generation are proving it right with full support. Friendship nowadays got the meaning changed into jealousy, betray, back stab, and a competitor as if. They stand there to show you your problems,  weakness and tell you how worst it can be. 

Better than them are those strangers who while criticizing you arise a strong strength in you to move forward, fight back and prove them that they were wrong. 

Guys simple theory at the end is “just keep moving ahead blocking your ears”. There will be hell lot of people to pull you down wearing a mask of an enemy, stranger or even a friend. Just don’t waste time on them because you have much better things to do than to be boiled by such craps! 

No better Friend, No worst Enemy!

Don’t serve… 

YOU are Beautiful, Brave, Talented.          YOU are Amazing! You have so much better things to do than waiting for someone who doesn’t remember to come back to you. 

Wake up, stand and MOVE ON!  

Erase the memories of the one who never deserved to be there and make the space for someone worth!!! 


When anger dances inside ones brain for someone whom he would not want to see with his eyes closed also. Than only one thing buzzes on his mind and that is to defeat him with all he can where he wishes to pull all his swords and just lay him down. 

But smart people are considered smart only when they use something called brain inside their head and win the battle with a word…

Which is always thousand times sweeter, best, smart and beneficial and are at double profit!!! 

Think wise and twice!!!

Swords or Words… Your choice!

YOU are the Rose… 

Spread the fragrance…

It’s not really the beautiful petals (outer beauty) which stands as your identity of a Rose. 

It’s the fragrance (inner beauty) which spreads your presence/ identity of a Rose. 

Under the ground… 

Drill the wall which stops you… 

Encountering a surface with success,  joy or  sorrow… is not the end,  it’s not where full stop is placed. 

Though a person reaches the point where happiness, sadness, success bangs his face… he should never stop to drill the ground much more deeper. (Because Gold is always found under the ground!) Here what I mean to say is: when a person reaches to the place where he wants to be or let’s say happened to be…. should  always keep moving forward, keeping in mind to make Good of the Worst and Best of the Good. 

My favorite F words… 

move forward

We all have got bumpy roads to travel in life to achieve something, the uneven surface which every one has to face. Sometimes Fear steps in, at times we Fall, even after trying we Fail. 

But if you really want to achieve something than the very important thing to keep in mind is,  not to Forget to keep trying and move Forward with dedication.

Of course it would be difficult, everything is difficult, but only till the time you accept it.  After that it actually becomes much more easier than you think. Just the secret behind is to move on, have Faith and just carry on.  Than for sure the day won’t be too far where leaving all the bumpy roads and uneven surface,  you will Fly. 😊

Secret to be Happy… 

“Man who loves Music, are never Unhappy “

“MUSIC” is the package of Peace, Happiness, Feelings, Emotions and Friendship which will never leave you, will always be by your side to celebrate your happiness and make you dance with tones of smile. And if sadness knocks your door, it will cry along with a melody and help you pour out the heavy pain in your heart. 
It’s a True friend – The Music.

Music in my life is the soft voice which inserts peace in my mind, that I can sit back for hours and feel alive. Which jumps with me in my good times and lends me it’s melody to cry out the burden in my heart.  It has been so close and within my life that I can say with a BIG smile, “Music understands me better.” It can even speak out the words which I, without it, will never have courage to say. One way or the other, it has brought in a lot of positive change in me.  It calms me down, makes me relax, if my head is as heated as the pressure cooker on the gas.  It cheers me up and makes me feel so better that I think no heavy price tagged medicine can do it. 

Music,  is the best kind of friend that a man can ever have.
No greed,  No expectations, No demands,  still fulfils all the promises that a true friend does in every step.

Never leave this Best Friend in search of a good friend in your life!!! 


Value what you have first.

In life many things are Good and as many equally bad. And every human being who are mentally stable can understand this. One should always utilise their (never coming back)  time to make the Worst one to Good.  Rather than making extra effort to change Good one to the Worst. 

It’s understandable that every human being  wants to change their worst time to good one.  We all do and wish that,  even I do.  But some people are never satisfied and with unwanted extra desire they make an effort, of making Good time to super Best….  But they hardly realise that they are losing even the Good they have. 

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