GoodBye without a Good-Bye… 


Why did you choose a way which has no U-turn?  And why did you walk so far away knowing that you are leaving me behind and never coming back? Don’t tell me you didn’t know about this,  just don’t give me any excuse coz I owe no explanation or expectation.

You will never know how bad I cry, silently…hiding from everyone coz I miss you so bad, and brother I bet no one can ever take your place in my heart. 

Everyone has to leave one day and be the part of that unknow world one day; I agree.  But why so early??? And why you??? 

Had you been with me today…  I would have troubled you a lot, fight in every statement of yours,  complained about your late night sneaking to Mom/Dad but still would have been fortunate enough to dial your number when I get lost somewhere. You would have irritated me every now and then but still we would have been the best friends, which without you I have none. 

With you, having to share my house  I would not have liked it,  but to be honest…without you I really don’t enjoy or keep happy Brother. 

Was I that bad…?  That you just left without a GoodBye??? 😭😭😭 I just miss you……………..and your little sister loves you alot and more. 

Without me there,  or I must say… till I reach to that world,  may your soul rest in peace at paradise!  


7 thoughts on “GoodBye without a Good-Bye… 

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    1. And I know. A goodbye without a goodbye is the hardest thing life tests us with. Do you mind if I write a post with same Title… inspired to write and I seek ur permission, suggestions, and advice.

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  1. The most difficult thing in the world is to express for self. People often write blogs to seek attention and disply intelligence.

    The best thing about you mam. You speak to your soul through what you write and express here. Than seeking for numbers and hits .

    I have been reading around yet haven’t seen something written so candidly and innocently for a brother. (That’s what I perceived).

    You talk to your soul often. Don’t you. Just curious. Keep talking and keep posting.

    Too many words on wordpress. I find heart and soul in this post.

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