Secret to be Happy… 

“Man who loves Music, are never Unhappy “

“MUSIC” is the package of Peace, Happiness, Feelings, Emotions and Friendship which will never leave you, will always be by your side to celebrate your happiness and make you dance with tones of smile. And if sadness knocks your door, it will cry along with a melody and help you pour out the heavy pain in your heart. 
It’s a True friend – The Music.

Music in my life is the soft voice which inserts peace in my mind, that I can sit back for hours and feel alive. Which jumps with me in my good times and lends me it’s melody to cry out the burden in my heart.  It has been so close and within my life that I can say with a BIG smile, “Music understands me better.” It can even speak out the words which I, without it, will never have courage to say. One way or the other, it has brought in a lot of positive change in me.  It calms me down, makes me relax, if my head is as heated as the pressure cooker on the gas.  It cheers me up and makes me feel so better that I think no heavy price tagged medicine can do it. 

Music,  is the best kind of friend that a man can ever have.
No greed,  No expectations, No demands,  still fulfils all the promises that a true friend does in every step.

Never leave this Best Friend in search of a good friend in your life!!! 


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