I learned to say “Thank you “…

The day I met You…

I still remember the first day we met.  The day which bloomed like never before.The day which lead to a life so beautiful ahead. Never knew, it can be even more beautiful than I thought of. So special that moment was: to see you, to know you,  to have few words which where hard to drag out from mouth though had millions racing in the Heart. When I saw you smile, I lost myself in that deep blue ocean called love. Your voice assured me that I can spend my life hearing to it because as peaceful as it was for ears, it was for the hidden heart too. Your eyes… I couldn’t take off mine from them after I encountered them. Warmth of your heart made everything even more special. 

With you I find myself in that level of happiness where sadness can never be found,  where worry has got no address,  where tears are not even introduced. I completely feel queen of the world,  “My World”

Since the day I met you,  I have learned and have been uttering, “Thank You God,  for this Angel you have send just for me to do magic and wonders in my life which you gifted with love. Thank You for making it worth living with all my heart.  Thank You!  ”

And “Thank You” to you…..  for walking hand in hand and deciding to do that forever.  Thank You for coming in my life and being Mine.  ❤


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