Motivational quotes

YOU are the Rose… 

Spread the fragrance…


It’s not really the beautiful petals (outer beauty) which stands as your identity of a Rose. 

It’s the fragrance (inner beauty) which spreads your presence/ identity of a Rose. 

Motivational quotes

Under the ground… 

Drill the wall which stops you… 


Encountering a surface with success,  joy or  sorrow… is not the end,  it’s not where full stop is placed. 

Though a person reaches the point where happiness, sadness, success bangs his face… he should never stop to drill the ground much more deeper. (Because Gold is always found under the ground!) Here what I mean to say is: when a person reaches to the place where he wants to be or let’s say happened to be…. should  always keep moving forward, keeping in mind to make Good of the Worst and Best of the Good. 


For Each Other… 

always there for each other…


In today’s busy world, it’s understandable not to be able to get stuck with our beloved ones round the clock.

And I don’t count that amount of time not spend together as important. Because sticking together only isn’t happiness. 

Happiness is when one being away also always stands there with you. Killing all distance; always there for each other.

Motivational quotes

My favorite F words… 

move forward


We all have got bumpy roads to travel in life to achieve something, the uneven surface which every one has to face. Sometimes Fear steps in, at times we Fall, even after trying we Fail. 

But if you really want to achieve something than the very important thing to keep in mind is,  not to Forget to keep trying and move Forward with dedication.

Of course it would be difficult, everything is difficult, but only till the time you accept it.  After that it actually becomes much more easier than you think. Just the secret behind is to move on, have Faith and just carry on.  Than for sure the day won’t be too far where leaving all the bumpy roads and uneven surface,  you will Fly. 😊

Motivational quotes

Secret to be Happy… 

“Man who loves Music, are never Unhappy “

“MUSIC” is the package of Peace, Happiness, Feelings, Emotions and Friendship which will never leave you, will always be by your side to celebrate your happiness and make you dance with tones of smile. And if sadness knocks your door, it will cry along with a melody and help you pour out the heavy pain in your heart. 
It’s a True friend – The Music.

Music in my life is the soft voice which inserts peace in my mind, that I can sit back for hours and feel alive. Which jumps with me in my good times and lends me it’s melody to cry out the burden in my heart.  It has been so close and within my life that I can say with a BIG smile, “Music understands me better.” It can even speak out the words which I, without it, will never have courage to say. One way or the other, it has brought in a lot of positive change in me.  It calms me down, makes me relax, if my head is as heated as the pressure cooker on the gas.  It cheers me up and makes me feel so better that I think no heavy price tagged medicine can do it. 

Music,  is the best kind of friend that a man can ever have.
No greed,  No expectations, No demands,  still fulfils all the promises that a true friend does in every step.

Never leave this Best Friend in search of a good friend in your life!!! 

Religion quotes

He understands… 

Just have Faith on him.


In pain we feel like no one is around and no one really cares.  But he whom we can’t see with open eyes is away for not a second from us. He is so near that only he can hear the silent cry of our heart and as a father; he leaves no prayer of his child unheard. 

Things which we may die while explaining to a man; he understands even before we open our mouth. For he created us, he is aware of every feature in us. He loves us, and can never see us in pain. 

Just have faith and cry out your heart in front of him. Rest leave up to him,  he knows better ways to make you sing (make you happy) 🙏

Religion quotes


Learn to be Human first…


Here I refer “Fall” as ‘Loss’ and “Tall” as ‘Growth.’

It is clearly understandable what I mean to say.  Dividing has done no good to any one. Knowing that we all hide under one sky and sleep on one earth,  belong to one origin, and all made up of same thing….we still tend to deny the truth for an unknown virus that’s in some narrow mind. I don’t remember God coming down and classifying us as ‘this or that ‘ religion other than the fact he taught to be human. 

Different practice of different region got name of different religion, that now one human stands thirsty for the blood of another human. It often makes me shed tears when I think how we turn out to kill one another just for the sake of something called ‘Religion.’ 

Of course I do believe in God and respect all different name that man has gave. But never want or wish to get divided.  I just want to ask, What harm is there to Add rather and accept the practice which can be little different but has got same amount of faith???  

I wish man could learn to be Human before boasting about Religion.

Love quotes

I learned to say “Thank you “…

The day I met You…

Explanation :

I still remember the first day we met.  The day which bloomed like never before.The day which lead to a life so beautiful ahead. Never knew, it can be even more beautiful than I thought of. So special that moment was: to see you, to know you,  to have few words which where hard to drag out from mouth though had millions racing in the Heart. When I saw you smile, I lost myself in that deep blue ocean called love. Your voice assured me that I can spend my life hearing to it because as peaceful as it was for ears, it was for the hidden heart too. Your eyes… I couldn’t take off mine from them after I encountered them. Warmth of your heart made everything even more special. 

With you I find myself in that level of happiness where sadness can never be found,  where worry has got no address,  where tears are not even introduced. I completely feel queen of the world,  “My World”

Since the day I met you,  I have learned and have been uttering, “Thank You God,  for this Angel you have send just for me to do magic and wonders in my life which you gifted with love. Thank You for making it worth living with all my heart.  Thank You!  ”

And “Thank You” to you…..  for walking hand in hand and deciding to do that forever.  Thank You for coming in my life and being Mine.  ❤

Love quotes

Bed of Roses… 

Life… The bed of Roses.

Explanation :

If life is Bed of Roses, as beautiful, as fragile, filled with fragrance of love, decorated with best design of leafs, petals as soft dipped in mesmerising color, BUT…   standing with sharp thrones.

Than in your bed of roses, I will place you on it’s soft mesmerising petals where you will find comfort , let you enjoy  it’s pleasant fragrance which will take you to world of love,  and decorate it with laugh which will open wide till your last jaw line and always keep you happy. But will never let you stand between the thrones which will ever make you cry in pain or sorrow.

If your life ever says: “as natural as The rose, has thrones, you can’t avoid your thrones either” Than…….. I will sleep on it! But will never let it be on your bed of Roses. ❤❤

Quotes for Parents

Rich of The Richest…

The real wealth.


Not only you,  not only me… But we all run after the material wealth or the wealth which fills in bank accounts. Thinking it will keep us happy and secured all our life.  

True…. At some level it’s true,  am not denying. But….  It’s secondary! The main, real and primary wealth a man can ever have/ earn is the love and blessing of the  true and un-greedy persons : “PARENTS”

They are the person who donated such precious thing called LIFE to us.  Not only that, they polished it in all extreme level they could. They inserted best of the best things in our life. They taught us without fees since ages, severed us without any salary, loved us with no limits and cared too well that they forgot themselves.

And know what the beautiful part of them is?  – That no matter what age or phase of life they are,  they will always get ready to support us on their one leg, they will any time get us the most precious thing called “happiness” for us, they will just love us with no boundaries.

But it’s up-to us… If we understand their Worth, we can claim to be the richest.  If not, run after fake things and die poor. 

If you still want to earn it than pay the expensive thing called love and little time to your parents because that’s all they want and wish for.

 And than…  Be RICH OF THE RICHEST 😊